Cover of book Jade Sky(Matt Rowley 1) by Patrick Freivald

Jade Sky(Matt Rowley 1)

Total words: 54
Unique words: 432

Cover of book The Becoming: Outbreak by Jessica Meigs

The Becoming: Outbreak

Total words: 100
Unique words: 465

Cover of book Resurrection(Apocalypse Chronicles 2) by Laury Falter

Resurrection(Apocalypse Chronicles 2)

Total words: 860
Unique words: 363

Cover of book Jerusalems Lot(Night Shift 1) by Stephen King

Jerusalems Lot(Night Shift 1)

Total words: 923
Unique words: 38

Cover of book Penny Dreadfuls: Halloween Special by Benjamin Knox

Penny Dreadfuls: Halloween Special

Total words: 824
Unique words: 838


Rating: +7 (from 7 votes)

Cover of book Blister by Jeff Strand


Total words: 62
Unique words: 435

Cover of book Killing Sam Knight(The Knight Chronicles 2) by John  Cassian

Killing Sam Knight(The Knight Chronicles 2)

Total words: 140
Unique words: 269

The Tommyknockers

Rating: +7 (from 7 votes)

Cover of book The Tommyknockers by Stephen King

The Tommyknockers

Total words: 89
Unique words: 137

Cover of book Zombie Apocalypse!(Zombie Apocalypse! 1) by Stephen Jones

Zombie Apocalypse!(Zombie Apocalypse! 1)

Total words: 780
Unique words: 264

Cover of book Mutation Z(Mutation Z 1-3) by Marilyn Peake

Mutation Z(Mutation Z 1-3)

Total words: 704
Unique words: 4