Cover of book Loves Heat(Italian Nights 1) by Ophelia Sikes

Loves Heat(Italian Nights 1)

Total words: 356
Unique words: 33

Cover of book Legal-i-Tease(Lawyers in Love 3.6) by N.M. Silber

Legal-i-Tease(Lawyers in Love 3.6)

Total words: 510
Unique words: 245

Cover of book Night Mission(1Night Stand 19) by Desiree Holt

Night Mission(1Night Stand 19)

Total words: 948
Unique words: 871

Cover of book Thrill Me(Caldwell Sisters 2) by Lucianne Rivers

Thrill Me(Caldwell Sisters 2)

Total words: 41
Unique words: 219

Cover of book Please Call Me Tony by Brittainy C. Cherry

Please Call Me Tony

Total words: 168
Unique words: 881

Cover of book Take Two(Jilted Bride 1) by Whitney G.

Take Two(Jilted Bride 1)

Total words: 97
Unique words: 895

Cover of book Duty and Desire(Winds of Fire 1) by Anju Gattani

Duty and Desire(Winds of Fire 1)

Total words: 449
Unique words: 467

Cover of book Before the Storm(Storms of Life 2) by Sarah Dosher

Before the Storm(Storms of Life 2)

Total words: 873
Unique words: 626

Cover of book Inescapable Desire(Savannah 2) by Danielle Jamie

Inescapable Desire(Savannah 2)

Total words: 532
Unique words: 209

Always with You

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Cover of book Always with You by Elaine Stock

Always with You

Total words: 627
Unique words: 406