Cover of book Blurred Lines(Blurred Lines 1) by Breena Wilde

Blurred Lines(Blurred Lines 1)

Total words: 179
Unique words: 1

Cover of book Discovering Sofia(Naughty Nooners) by Mel Teshco

Discovering Sofia(Naughty Nooners)

Total words: 678
Unique words: 941


Rating: +7 (from 7 votes)

Cover of book Intimate by Jason Luke


Total words: 221
Unique words: 503

Cover of book The Seduction 1(The Seduction 1) by Roxy Sloane

The Seduction 1(The Seduction 1)

Total words: 454
Unique words: 808

Cover of book Seducer(Sensual Captivity 1) by Aubrey Ross

Seducer(Sensual Captivity 1)

Total words: 527
Unique words: 956

The Honeymoon

Rating: +7 (from 7 votes)

Cover of book The Honeymoon by Harper Bliss

The Honeymoon

Total words: 9
Unique words: 178

Cover of book Entre les lignes by Portia Da Costa

Entre les lignes

Total words: 973
Unique words: 353

Cover of book Bedtime Stories for Lovers by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd

Bedtime Stories for Lovers

Total words: 632
Unique words: 625

Cover of book Beautiful Losers by Remittance Girl

Beautiful Losers

Total words: 682
Unique words: 836